By The Gods - 11th October 1998


Hercules: Faith
Xena: Adventures In The Sin Trade 1/2

REVIEW: (Kristin Jones)
This was the first event of its kind attempted by DeanoMyk Productions, and first of all I'd like to say just three words BY THE GODS!!! What an event it was! If you weren't there where were you?

If you like to see episodes before they’ve aired (especially when you know that when they get shown here on Sky and even on channel 5, they’ll be cut to shreds because of there graphic content). If you like watching silly music videos and blooper tapes, drinking, partying and generally having a great time then this is the place for you.

The night started off with people being welcomed by Xena herself and Callisto?! (actually very good doubles, I know I was Callisto!!!) plus the evil Xena gave them automatic free entry into the raffle, well would you say no?

Once everybody had settled down, they were welcomed by Dean And Michaela, of you’ve guessed it DeanoMyk. Myk was dressed as Gabrielle (or was it Hope?) and Dean although not in costume is well known as Hades!! You could tell that they were nervous but they performed admirably, welcoming everybody to By The Gods.

During the course of the night we were shown the first episode of Hercules, (well recommended, even from a Xena fan as it links to the Dahak story). A Hercules music video to the tune of Holding out for a hero, by Bonny Tyler, the first Two episodes of Xena (very important as it was a two parter!) and both the Herc and Xena blooper tapes. In-between all this we had a raffle where prizes included scripts, trading cards, artwork, autographs and toys.

Note, the tickets were sold by Xena and Callisto and much money was taken (well would you say no to them).

On a personal note, being in costume has its advantages and disadvantages. You get a lot of complements and people feel its easier to talk to you, but you can also get a lot of unwanted attention and slimy men following you around. (No problem for me I just got into character and they soon backed off!!) This is in no way a discouragement for others to dress up as it’s still well worth it as that night we had two Xenas’, a Callisto, an Iolaus, an Amazon, two Gabrielles’ (or was one of them Hope?), and various glamorous costumed people. Next event you might even see, Discord, Aphrodite, Electo the Fury and Hope for definite, among others.

I think every body had a brilliant time and there was only one hitch , which was with some of the technical stuff (a temporary problem I have been assured). Everybody that I spoke to said they were coming again and I will too and that will be on the 29th November.

See you there!

GALLERY: (Photographs courtesy of Ian Rentoul)

The By The Gods Crew - The swords aren't real but the attitudes are!
(From Lucy to Renee: Karen, Cathy, Andy, Kristen, Myk, Cath)

Gabrielle smirking, Xena smiling and Callisto simpering... something just isn't right here.

Just good friends? Even Callisto doesn't think so.

Bollocks to the subtext, let's see some maintext.

'For the last time you're not having my Chakram!'

Mother and Child reunion. Are you misty eyed?

Somebody just had to say 'Do you think they can pick him up?'
(Picture courtesy of Andy Sears - the guy being held up!)