By The Gods - 10th January 1999

Xena: A Tale Of Two Muses, Locked Up and Tied Down, Crusader

Total Eclipse Of The Heart

REVIEW: (Dario Persechino)

On the 10th January from 5:30 to 10:30 Xenites from all over England came to Pages Bar, Westminster to the third By The Gods event, and I being proud to call myself a Xena fan went along not really know what to expect.

Walking through the doors the first thing that caught my eye, and most of the other male Xenites eyes, were the wonderfully dressed Xena (Karen Parr), Gabrielle (Michaela Upton, co-runner of the evening), another Gabby (Cathy Holroyd) and Callisto (Kristen Jones). Not to forget, for the ladies there was Iolaus (Andy Sears).

During the evening several episodes of Xena and Hercules were shown on the many screens in Pages Bar. In between these were some of the most memorable clips from across both shows, which played along side some classic songs, including one of my favourites Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'.

The hilarious Saturday Night Live episode which Lucy Lawless presented was shown; featuring the ultimate question: 'Uh, Lucy, are you proud to be a lesbian?' Also shown was an interview with Renee O'Connor on the American show Vibe where she mentioned Xena fan fiction. :o)

many thank to the organisers of the event DeanoMyk Productions, Dean Le Gassicke and Michaela Upton. I recommend it to any and all Xena/Hercules fans and I will definitely be going to the next one on the 28th February.

GALLERY: (Photographs courtesy of Simon Bailey)

Assassination attempts by Iolaus, Xena and Velasca failed to impress the immortal Callisto.

It was decided that Iolaus needed some Baby Oil rubbed on him and Xena and Gabrielle were volunteered...

... except they decided they'd much rather rub it all over each other.

So it was the other way around in the episode.. who cares?

'Just keep smiling, they won't suspect a thing.'