By The Gods - 28th February 1999

Hercules: Darkness Rising, For Those Of You Just Joining Us
Xena: If The Show Fits, Paradise Found


Temple Of Love


REVIEW: (Dario Persechino)

It was another wonderful night at Pages Bar brought to us by DeanoMyk Productions. This time we were shown some great Xena episodes including 'If The Show Fits' and 'Paradise Found', and the Hercules episodes 'Darkness Rising' and 'For Those Of You Just Joining Us'.

Shortly before the By The Gods night Michaela celebrated her 21st birthday and the friendly lot at Pages didn't let that one go by. Shown to the tune of Toni Basil's 1981 classic 'Hey Mickey' were some great video clips of the birthday girl over the years.

It was also great to see more people in costume. So contagious is this that I'm preparing my outfit for next time which is on 18th April.


REVIEW: (Chris Fortune)

Have you ever faced the seemingly impossible dilemma, do you stay in to watch your favourite TV show or go out to the pub with your mates? The solution for many can be found regularly at Pages Bar and it is called By The Gods. An evening spent watching episodes of Xena and Hercules not yet seen over here on a big screen TV in convivial surroundings with a bar for those so inclined, what more could you ask for? These events are superbly organised and well attended by both avid fans and friendly admirers of both series lending itself to a great evening which if possible should be savoured and not read about.


REVIEW: (Jim Maxwell)

'King size', 'Really entertaining night', Pages atmosphere is something special', 'Enjoyable', 'Xena', 'Yahoo'.

These are all the things you'll hear from me regarding the recent By The Gods event at Pages Bar. 'Why write them like that?' I hear you cry. Simple. As I have never written a review before (honest). You must forgive my strange and somewhat unique way.

Being a regular visitor to Pages I'm no stranger to the sense of fun and general laid back feel of the place. Having attended a previous By The Gods event, in January, I'm pleased to say I enjoyed it this time even more than the last.

The videos that were laid on did not fail to impress, as did the excellent musical interludes and not forgetting the friendly bar staff.

The growing number of people who dress up for these nights definitely added to the flavour of the evening.

A big 'Well Done' to all involved.

Let me just say come along and sample the next By The Gods for yourself.


GALLERY: (Photographs courtesy of Simon Bailey and Andy Sears)

On her 21st Birthday Myk was elevated from
Amazon Princess to Amazon Queen

Karen proves her worth as the mighty Warrior Princess
by taking on the ruthless Raffle Tickets


The coronation of the new Amazon Queen did not go to plan
as Velasca had stolen the mask again!

How else did you think that Amazon women have Amazon babies?