By The Gods - 18th April 1999


Xena: Devi, Between The Lines, The Way

Wind Beneath My Wings

Although 'For Those Of You Just Joining Us' was shown at BTG 4, it was at BTG 5 that the staff decided to dress up as their modern day counterparts! No, we don't have any idea why either!

GALLERY: (Photographs courtesy of Simon Bailey, Andy Sears and Ian Rentoul)

Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas...

...but who is wearing the trousers...

...guess that answered that question!


Every self-respecting tavern has them... drunk warlords!

Kristen decides that if Gabrielle is having a Chakram haircut then Myk should too.


Liz Friedman: 'Well why not do a show about a woman we can all look up to. You know a woman of the nineties, a woman who takes matters into her own hands. I'm talking about Callisto.'

Paul Robert Coyle: 'No star, no show.
No show, no pay cheque.
No pay cheque, no knee caps.
I got debts.'

Melissa Blake: 'Why don't we do a show on
Hercules spiritual side?'
 Jerry Patrick Brown: 'I suggest we base this story around another character, like Ares, God of War.'