By The Gods - 13th June 1999

Hercules: Revelations
Xena: End Game, Ides Of March

Let Your Spirit Move Me

REVIEW: (Robyn Danvers for Girls Who Do Girls magazine)

So you've watched all of the episodes, you've bought all the merchandise, you've been to every website on the internet. Your family thinks you're going through a phase, your friends think you're weird and your girlfriend doesn't understand your fixation with leather. Face it you're obsessed. So what do you do? Seek comfort? Seek therapy? Or seek someway to satisfy your craving. If the last option was your choice then this is the place for you...


By The Gods is a fan run meeting place for fans of the shows Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. They meet every six or seven weeks on Sunday evenings at Pages Bar, Wesminster. Up until now Pages has been famous for its Saturday night Sci-Fi evenings, but when we found out that the Xena fans were in town the Girls Who Do Girls crew decided to saddle up and head on over.

"I had this crazy idea about running themed evenings for the two shows and suggested it to Myk, she was supposed to talk me out of it but she didn't," says creator and founder Dean Le Gassicke. Despite her initial eagerness co-founder and organiser Michaela Upton, or Myk as everyone refers to her, was a little skeptical as the first event approached, "What if we misjudged the popularity of the shows, or not done enough advertising, or the fans weren't the type to attend such events?" But her fears were unfounded as the first evening persuaded more than 100 fans to attend and now at event six the numbers have only swelled.

When I first suggested this article both Delaney (editor) and Magdalene (features editor) decided that they should accompany me, once we had paid our door charge and entered the bar I finally understood why... Xena and Gabrielle that's why. Well actually it's look-alikes Karen Parr as the Warrior Princess, and Myk as the Amazon Queen - oh we are definitely going to like this place! Plus there's also bad girl Callisto brought to life by Kristen Jones, a tribe of Amazons, an Iolaus and an Autolycus.

Once we've managed to tear our eyes away from the scantily clad eye-candy and everybody else has settled down after the meeting and greeting - apparently they're used to the parade of leather-wearing, sword-wielding totty - the evening progresses with an episode of Hercules. Now being the girl-loving gal that I am I've never really watched the show but was pleasantly surprised by the imaginative take on the Four Horseman in the episode entitled Revelations.

This was followed by some announcements about what's happening in the 'Herc and Xenaverse' where apparently not one but two conventions are scheduled for later in the year. Dean and Myk have teamed up with fellow fans Cindy McBain and Jo Rodgers to host The Symposium 1999 with Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite) and Claire Stansfield (Alti), while Sean Harry of Starfury Productions will be bringing you Chariots Of War with actors Ted Raimi (Joxer), Bruce Campbell (Autolycus) and Robert Trebor (Salmoneous).

If you ever manage to make it along to one of these evenings be sure to bring along some kleenex just incase they play Myk's music video 'Wind Beneath My Wings'. One of Myk's hobbies is video editing, where she takes a song and fits clips to the lyrics. Personally I think the song is sappy, but after seeing all the sweet moments of Xena and Gabrielle I was welling up, Delaney was a jibbering wreck, hence my advice to bring the kleenex!

And then it was onto the Xena episodes Endgame and Ides Of March, the dramatic finale of season four, at which point Myk and Karen switched leather for cotton as they changed into replicas of Xena and Gabrielle's crucifixion outfits, though Myk seemed more concerned about her top falling down than the wall of flash lights going off in her face as all the regulars took the photo opportunity presented to them.

When the episodes finished we were expecting the evening to wind down pretty quickly, but we were mistaken. It seemed that the episodes were just an added bonus to the evening, an exclusive, never before seen on British TV bonus, but a bonus none the less. They may be here because of a shared love for Xena and Hercules but these fans are just like every other adult who likes a good night out with their friends at the pub.

So what else could we do? We sent Magdalene to get another round of drinks, Delaney toddled off to get tickets for the next event and me? I caught Gabrielle's eye...


Photographs for this article are courtesy of Steve Rogerson, Simon Bailey and Paul Hilling.


GALLERY: (Photographs courtesy of Simon Bailey and Paul Hilling)

"Forget being nailed to a cross! Callisto has got my Chakram again!"


Battered, bleeding but still beautiful.

Stripped, sack clothed but still smiling

Crushed, cut up but still cute.


The King of Thieves stealing kisses!