By The Gods - 1st August 1999


Xena: Deja Vu All Over Again, A Day In The Life and The Bitter Suite

Let Me Entertain You

The evening that Myk shocked everybody by turning up and not wearing any of the costumes she'd become infamous for over the last six events. Instead she chose a 'little black number' and we soon found out why. The impending launch of 'The Official Xena: Warrior Princess Magazine' had coaxed the editor David Bailey out of his office at Titan Publishing and along to Pages Bar to chat with fans in order to ascertain what they wanted from the publication; and as Myk had been requested to write an article for said publication she thought it best not to meet her new boss whilst wearing a BGSB and wielding a quarter staff!

Only one remaining episode of season four remained unwatched, so votes were taken to decide what would play for the remainder of the evening and not surprisingly a comedy and a musical won. So we drank while we laughed and sung while we were drunk, not a bad concept.

GALLERY: (Photographs courtesy of Paul Hilling)

David Bailey invites the fans to put forward ideas.

Myk gets a sneak peak of the first issue.

Because that's so much more sophisticated than the BGSB!