By The Gods - 5th September 1999 (The Special Edition)

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REVIEW: (By Michaela Upton)

The Symposium 1999
3rd - 5th September 1999
Shepperton Moat House


Oh well, let's do a By The Gods instead

With six weeks to go Alexandra Tydings had to cancel her appearance at the convention due to filming commitments, apparently Lucy Lawless was pregnant and needed to spend an entire episode unconscious leaving the storyline in the capable hands of Gabrielle and Aphrodite (Little Problems). Thinking that it was unfair on Claire Stansfield to carry the convention alone and unfair on the fans who wanted to see Alexandra Tydings the committee chose to postpone the event until a later date. There was some talk of buggering off for the weekend and sulking but Myk decided that she'd rather make the best of it and host a By The Gods: Special Edition.

So what was going to be there that would make it worthy of the Special Edition? Well the evening was packed with it's usual episodes, music videos and costumed characters but everything with a twist. The episodes shown featured Aphrodite and Alti, the new music videos were the convention introductions for the Goddess of Love and the Evil Shamaness and the costumed characters disappeared halfway through the evening and returned wearing each others outfits! The girls were dressed as the boys and the boys were dressed as the girls!

On a more serious note a secret collection had been organised, raising funds for the charity that would have been supported by the convention if it had gone ahead and a donation made to The Sword and Staff in the name of DeanoMyk Productions. Dean and Myk were truly touched by this show of support and generosity.

Also without Dean and Myk's knowledge Dario Persechino (seen here dressed as Xena) had produced a Special edition of his fanzine The Bards Quill and dedicated it to By The Gods. Below are a few of the comments he had gathered from By The Gods attendees:

"I'd like to thank Dean, Myk and the other BTG organisers for starting the BTG events. They are the most fun, and are now a staple part of UK Xenite fandom... Long may they continue... and long may I take the photos." - Paul Hilling

"By The Gods! You two are beauuuuuuuuuuutiful!" - Mike Brooks

"My first thoughts at By The Gods was WOW, there are other nutters like me!!!" - Lynne Suttcliffe

"Dean and Myk, thanks for helping get two sad bastards away from sitting in front of the telly, out of the house and down the pub to, er, sit in front of the telly." - Maxine and Steve

"That, Dean and Myk, is the sound of inevitability..." - Andy Toy

"Dean, Myk and By The Gods! beats a dull life, a faceless email ID and an awful website. Thanks" - Simon Bailey

"By The Gods - a place where fans of 'She of the Golden Hair' (that short one they kicked out of Texas on account of the Mickey Mouse Club) can drool and fans of 'Tall, Dark and Deadly' (whom some have astoundingly called a mere Auckland housewife) can meet and have a laugh. I may have missed the first few, but the ones I have been to have been awesome mates. Good on ya!" - Jo

GALLERY: (Photographs courtesy of Simon Bailey and Ian Rentoul)

Let this be a lesson to you all: Never get dressed in the dark after a foursome!


I think I'll let these pictures speak for themselves...