By The Gods - 17th October 1999


Fallen Angel, Chakram and Succession

Causing A Commotion

By The Gods celebrated its first anniversary by showing the first three episodes of season five, including the eagerly awaited Fallen Angel.

And in an attempt to retaliate for having to wear a pink nighty at the previous BTG Tech Guy Tom conned Dario into doing a public performance of the Blues Brothers 'Everybody Needs Some Body To Love'.

GALLERY: (Photographs courtesy of Simon Bailey and Alec Muffet)

The night that Kristen tried to eat Myk...

...and Kirsty tried to eat a Xena teddy bear!


Also the night Myk threatened to quit BTG...

...but Dean did everything he could to make her stay...

...three of her favourite women!!! She's so easy!


No we don't know either!


Autolycus and Salmoneous...

...the original Blues Brothers


Simon Bailey... caught on camera for once.