By The Gods - 19th December 1999


Animal Attraction, Them Bones, Purity and Back In The Bottle

Circle In The Sand

Myk dressed as Sunny Day - the one and only time she will ever do it. Dario dressed as Rob Tapert, complete with fishing obsessed tee-shirt! Both from the Hercules episode 'For Those Of You Just Joining Us'.

The By The Gods Choir (also known as 'The Drunk Bastards Still Standing At The End Of The Evening') singing The 12 Days of Xenamas, lyrics by Sarah Waters:

Twelve Harpies flirting 
Eleven Bards composing
Ten Warlords drinking
Nine Bacchae biting
Eight Hestians Pwaising
Seven Centaurs singing
Six Furies dancing
Five Amazons (ahuh, ahuh, ahuh)
Four Xena scrolls
Three naked Gabby's
Two Flying Chakrams
An ep where Xena snogs Gabby

And the premiere 'Circle In The Sand', the music video that went on to become known as Masque's Masterpiece.

GALLERY: (Photographs courtesy of Simon Bailey and Alec Muffet)

She only did it because he did...

...he only did it because she did


It's Christmas so therefore it's obligatory to put on a funny hat as Myk, Kristen and Kirsty demonstrate.


The By The Gods Choir
One was miming, one didn't know the words and one was choking to death in the back row!