By The Gods - 2nd April 2000


Xena: God Fearing Child, Eternal Bonds, Amphipolis Under Siege
Cleopatra 2525: Home, Rescue

I'm Too Sexy

A fairly quiet night seeing as it was Mother's Day.

GALLERY: (Photographs courtesy of Simon Bailey)


Sean Harry of Starfury Conventions made things interesting
by turning up as Dragoon from Jack Of All Trades

Proof that rival convention organisers Sean and Myk
are actually friends...

... or are they just acting for the cameras?


The attempt at the threesome to spice up the evening was severely hampered by the fact that Myk had turned into a cardboard cut out.


The real Myk was too busy fending off a ruthless, blood thirsty, fluffy puppet dragon. (And karen)


She won.