By The Gods - 18th February 2001

The Rheingold, The Ring, Return Of The Valkyrie (The Ring Trilogy)

Bitch, I Turn To You

The eagerly awaited Ring Trilogy finally hits By The Gods just a few days after Valentines.

Myk comes out of music video retirement and bounces back with 'Bitch', announcing that she was simply waiting for the perfect shot of Xena on her knees! Also celebrating her 23rd birthday instead of making a speech she made a music video showing Gabrielle and all the people that have supported her and dedicated it to her family and friends.

GALLERY: (Photographs courtesy of Alec Muffett)

DeanoMyk Productions: The brains behind By The Gods...

...find time for a quick snooze during during an episode.

The birthday girl and her obligatory chocolate cake.

Alec gets all artistic!