By The Gods - 12th October 2002

EPISODES: and why they were chosen
Heart Of Darkness (the episode is something to with the 7 Deadly Sins, but all I can think about is 'that dance')
You Are There (Michael Hurst, Kevin Smith, Alexandra Tydings, Adrianne Wilkinson all in one episode)
When Fates Collide (Claire Stansfield, Karl Urban, David Franklin, Ted Raimi all in another episode)

Like A Prayer
Tears Three (a BTG special)

GALLERY: (Photographs courtesy of Simon Bailey, Paul Hilling and Alec Muffett)

Tors, Cathy and Jo as Electo, Megaera and Tisiphone - The Furies

Maureen in her Lucy Lawless Spiderman get up
and Laura and Mini Alti

Maureen and Laura  getting down (could be Saturday Night Fever, could be Aga-doo, who knows?)


The final night started out just like any of the others...
Dean and Myk welcomed everyone to the final By The Gods and were about to tell everybody what they could expect when the stage was hijacked by the BTG staff.

First of all Kirsty had a surprise...

Kirsty and Laura had spent the last ten months acquiring video footage of as many of the BTG attendees, past and present, as they could find; all saying thank you to Dean and Myk for all their hard work over the last four years.

As the video progressed Myk began to notice that there was more than BTG attendees saying thank you... Adrianne Wilkinson, Michael Hurst and Danielle Cormack all had messages for the duo.

And just when they thought the video messages were finished there was one one person who wanted to say thank you... Lucy Lawless. (Thanks to Leigh and Mary for getting the messages from the actors.)

Then came Tom: The Tech Guy...

Many moons ago Tom had asked Myk if he could borrow her music videos under the pretense of re-mastering the audio tracks. He had in actual fact produced a DVD for her, complete with menu and cover designed by Kirsty.

Dean on the other hand received an invoice for all of Tom's wages and costs and parking tickets for the last four years, and a bottle of Champagne to take away the sting of the 9771.93 request!

And finally Laura had something to say...

Laura had the unfortunate job of having to give the serious speech, though how anyone could take her seriously dressed as Alti is anyone's guess.

She also delivered the final surprise of the evening the 'Thank You Book'.


No ordinary book, it had been given to BTG regular and artist Rachel Merrimen who adorned each page with the title of an episode and pictures and signed by many of the attendees.

The first entry read came from the pages of Friend In Need written by Kirsty, and proved too overwhelming for Myk to hold back the tears.

At last Dean and Myk wrestled the microphones back from their wayward staff and began the auction.
Up for grabs: signed photographs of Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor from an unnamed but reliable source, a Callisto prop dagger signed by Hudson Leick, a Grease: The Musical programme, a photograph from the Chariots of War convention of the guests in school uniforms, a DVD copy of Myk's latest music video 'Like A prayer' and lots of other goodies.

Dean auctioned the items...

Myk described the items...

and occasionally they got it right!



It's been two weeks and a day and only now am I able to gather my thoughts regarding Xena, By The Gods and all of you.

Let me start by saying that there has never been a show like Xena and in its uniqueness it will have a lasting place in our hearts, of that I am in no doubt. We watched transfixed for six years as a faltering friendship became an unbreakable bond that would endure for eternity. And though all good things come to an end the memories will always linger.

A little over four years ago Dean came to me with an idea, an idea that I was supposed to talk him out of but an opportunity that I found far too irresistible. With trepidation DeanoMyk Productions launched By The Gods and watched with baited breath as our first faltering steps turned into something that I don't think either one of us ever expected.

Xena: Warrior Princess may have given you a show, DeanoMyk Productions may have given you an evening, but it was you and it will always be you who make it work. Where would we, or indeed the show, be if it was not for your dedication and passion? It was these feelings that we wished to immortalise when we decided to call an end to By The Gods, to always know that you wanted more rather than allowing the evenings to lose their spirit.

On Sunday 13th October 2002 Dean and I sat down together and began to read the book, your book. For the first time we realised exactly what By The Gods had come to mean to all of you and how it had touched your lives. Both Dean and I feel blessed to have had that chance.

On our final night I learnt a very valuable lesson, but I had to be told it my beloved best friend Kirsty, and I shall allow her words to explain:

"Well if you haven't realised by now then you only have to look around tonight, at these peoples faces, to know it's not about the big names and the big money. It's about everyone here, everyone who has ever been here, sharing something which is beyond words, thanks to the two of you - something for which we are all grateful."

And then there was the Thank You Video - LUCY LAWLESS!!!
What more can I say... Plenty.
It was so wonderful to see so many of you on the video, and checking out the backgrounds (Pages Bar and The Thistle Hotel) I'm still trying to work out how they did that without me noticing!
When the actors started to appear in the clips a few people around the bar were trying to work out who would be the finale. In the early stages Claire Stansfield was the favourite, that was until Michael Hurst appeared, and then Renee O'Connor became first choice. Did anybody in the bar actually work out that it was going to be Lucy? I know I didn't, but then I think my reaction said it all!

A big thank you to everybody involved who made the final By The Gods a night to remember for both Dean and I.
Tom you are a star, Laura you are evil, Rachel you are beautiful, Kirsty you are terrible, Leigh and Mary you rock!

And finally to everybody who has supported us I leave you with the words of another of my favourite ladies:

"When our fates collided it was a fine time indeed!" Claire Stansfield

Love always,
Michaela and Dean (27th October 2002)