What is By The Gods?

The crazy idea belonged to Dean, but the really crazy part was when he suggested it to Michaela and she said that fatal word - YES!

In June of 1998 DeanoMyk productions created By The Gods. By the fans for the fans, a place for fans of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess to gather and finally put a face to that computer identity that you'd been corresponding with for months, a chance to watch unaired and uncut episodes and get totally trashed while you're doing it. Four months later - a written proposal submitted to the land lord of Pages Bar, Westminster, hundreds of flyers, blood, sweat and tears from all involved - By The Gods was ready to open it's doors for the first time.

Sunday 11th October 1998 saw the first Xena and Hercules themed evening at Pages Bar. All of the hard work had finally paid off as over 100 fans of both shows descended upon the Westminster establishment ensuring that there would be many more such evenings to come. In fact there were around 30 such evenings, the last being held on 12th October 2002 almost four years to the day after the first.

So much happened in those four years, friendships forged, relationships pursued, dreams realised and a whole bunch of good memories made. For whatever reason people came to By The Gods everybody knew that once they were inside the door they had something in common with everybody else in the room. That was our greatest achievement, bringing together a group of people because of a television show and sending them away with so much more.

Thank you to everybody who made By The Gods what is was, we couldn't have done it without you.