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Some of my favourite places around the internet...


Mammoth Index of Xena Sites
If you're looking for a a Xena site then this is the place to start the search.

Australian Xena Information Page
Probably the most well known and well loved site on the net, also home to very comprehensive Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor sites, not to mention the legendary Bard's Corner.

Britain's number one site for Xena news, chat and Midlands Xenafest details.

Soul Mates
Home of The Dinosaur Bards, some of the first fan fiction writers out there. Check out the Xena Collectibles section and allow the envy to flow through you <g>

Ashera's Archive
A fan fiction archive with just about any pairing you can imagine, seriously! There's also gallery of great quality images.

An online zine packed with articles and interviews from the years while Xena was on the air and following the actors since the series finished in 2001.

Creation Entertainment
The online store for all things Xena: photos, tee-shirts, videos, scripts and god only knows what else! Creation are also the organisers of the Official Xena: Warrior Princess conventions, order your tickets through the site.

The Warrior's Hut
For Subbers and Shippers alike visit the Bleached Parchment fan fiction section and don't forget The Spilled Ink artwork section, very cool.

Xena fan Films
A group of fans in the Czech Republic have got together and filmed their own episodes as a tribute to their favourite show.



Bad Girls - The Official Site
Character profiles, episode guides, back story, all the usual malarkey you'd expect from an official site.

Large archive of fan fiction for both canon and uber (another time, another place type stories).

Locked Up & Online
An oldie but a goodie. Though the site is no longer updated it still houses some great fan fiction.



Abydos Gate
Huge website covering Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis and a few other galaxies besides. The site breaks down into mini sites for all the different characters and pairings and there's tons of stuff.

Area 52
One of the biggest archives for fan fiction of the slash variety.



Passion and Perfection
Femslash in the form of fan fiction, music videos and graphics, including Xena, Bad Girls, Buffy, CSI, Law and Order, Star Trek and more.

Pink Rabbit Consortium
This archive started with Xena and then Alien Resurrection and then Buffy and on and on. Hasn't been updated in a couple of years but still a good starting place for any new femslash obsessions you might have.