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Would love to tell you that my real name is in fact Masque, but sadly it isn't. My parents call me Michaela and as both my birth certificate and passport confirm this fact then I guess it must be true. They say that they liked interesting and unique names, I say they chose it because if you call Michaela in the middle of a crowded shop it's very likely that only one child would come running. The name Masque originates with a friend who once told me that I had a different face for every occasion, masks if will. So we changed the spelling to make it a bit more exotic and that was that.

NAME Michaela Abigail Antony Upton
(Michaela means close to God/ Abigail means a fathers joy/ Antony, patron saint of lost things/ Upton, that came with the family)
Also known as: Myk, Mick, Mickey, Muffin, Muppet, Squiggle, Squib, Fuckwit and 'My Little Chickidy' (that one's from my mum!)
BORN 22nd February 1978
(Woolwich Mothers and Babies Hospital, I arrived arse first and have been doing everything that way since!)
LIVE Barnehurst 
(A little town just outside of London, England)
WORK By day: Legal Assistant
By night: Music Video Editor
By twilight: Scriptwriter


(Photographs courtesy of Dean Le Gassicke and Alec Muffett)

<<If I actually think of anything interesting to say about myself I'll put it here>>

1999 - Santa Monica / 2000 - Pasadena / 2001 - Pasadena / 2002 - Pasadena / 2003 - Pasadena / 2004 - Barnehurst!!!
Though I wasn't at the convention this year I couldn't help thinking about the previous years. It's strange the things that you remember:
The first time I saw Lucy and Renee on stage together, Claire and Danielle doing 'Behind The Chakram', Hudson and her Cabaret piece from 'Chicago',
Tim singing 'Mack The Knife', and the whiteboard in the lobby of the hotel!
Here is what it said this year:

(Photograph courtesy of Leebee - Leigh's Con Snaps)


On 22nd February 2004 Masque celebrated her 8th Birthday
(I didn't want to be 26, but 2 + 6 = 8)

The Chakram Cake and The Jello Wrestling!!!


(Photographs courtesy of Sweet Nuisance)