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Without You
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A very different type of story set immediately after the events in the episode SACRIFICE II which finds Xena devastated by the loss of her partner while her friends and family desperately try to offer support. Meanwhile, in a very different place, a bard struggles to understand what has happened to her and what is about to happen as Olympus itself gets ready to pass judgment on the Bard of Poteidaia - one god is given a choice she cannot refuse - and another is confronted with a truth he cannot deny. Masque weaves a very solid story here with some rather unusual but surprisingly effective characterizations. DO NOT MISS! (Review by Lunacy)

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This story opens with Xena and Gabrielle in Amazonia, both in very reflective moods as they think about their feelings for one another - it's a shared moment of introspection that soon leads to other things when a certain feisty bard decides to take matters into her own hands. Sweet and mischievous. (Review by Lunacy)

Part 1
After sharing minds and bodies to defeat Velasca and get the Ambrosia Xena and Gabrielle have discovered a few things about each other. If they can just get away from the Amazon party and keep themselves from falling asleep they might be able to do something about it!

Part 1
The Warrior Princess is pregnant! For Xena it's a chance to succeed where she failed with Solan; for Gabrielle it is a bitter reminder of a time when the two friends nearly destroyed one another.


The Official Xena: Warrior Princess Magazine
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After the earth-shattering events of Animal Attraction, Xena's life is never going to be the same. But this isn't the first time she - or Hercules - has had to face up to family ties, as MICHAELA UPTON discovers...

ESCHATOLOGY 101 - Issue #3 (December 1999)
Obsessed with the end of the world? GARETH WIGMORE and MICHAELA UPTON reveal the background to some of those doom-laden Hercules and Xena episodes...

KING CON - Issue #7 (May 2000)
joined the throngs of Xena and Hercules enthusiasts who filled Pasadena's Civic Centre in late January to see the what delights Creation Entertainment had in store for them...