sweet nuisance

I have been reliably informed that you need some kind of intro to yourself when someone is kind enough to host your ‘cyber-crap’ in space they could very easily fill with more of their own. And a little thank you to Masque for taking me on and doing all the hard work for me here whilst I just do all the playing around, but hey, what are big sisters for? ‘Thanks Angel’

So this is sweet nuisance-

I started out in the area of fan fiction (though I’m not telling anyone my pen-name!) following in big sister’s footsteps… so I guess when she went onto editing and I found I wasn’t all too good at the fan fiction, I decided I should give music videos a try too.

The rare opportunity they give for me to be both creative and amazingly anally retentive about every detail is probably the reason I’ve stuck with it, and hopefully why the effort pays off and you guys enjoy them. And I guess I’m always trying to keep up with the masters I learned from, so each and every music video has to be better, different and more challenging to me than the last.


Battlestar Galactica    ;    Buffy & Angel    ;    Farscape    ;    Stargate SG1    ;    West Wing    ;    Xena: Warrior Princess