Buffy and Angel



Another vid written while at uni but not made until about a year after when I had my own edit equipment. Thanks for this one go to Tizzy who suggested a number of the clips when we worked on it over the course of the show's run on sky, disappearing to make quick notes after each episode on the regular Buffy & Angel nights held at our flat.

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Video Length: 4:54 mins




Angsty music, and my how I find the fun in my life with both writing and music vids… trying to make people cry <g> There’s nothing Joss Whedon does better than make you feel the pain.

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Confession time, I’m actually not particularly fond of the song for this one… However it certainly grew on me once I started seeing Faith and Buffy to it.

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Goodbye To You

This is the second version of the video as the first cut only exists on tape as far as I'm aware. The first version was my masterpiece and could not of happened without Tom (my editor when I was only the writer of music vids) so this one is for him, hope its worthy Tom.

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Video Length: 3:58 mins


All You Wanted

this one is for Masque (my sister), as a ‘thankyou’ for many, many things, the least of which was fixing my computer yet again so I COULD do music videos.

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Video Length: 3:32 mins


My Immortal

This one has Masque totally to blame since she did 'I'm With You'. One of those awe inspiring videos that makes you want to try and make something just as good, and just as challenging. I'll leave it up to you guys to decide if I even came close.

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Video Length: 4:12 mins


Hey Juliet

I downloaded an Syd/Vaughn (Alias) music vid for this song and was obsessed with it. So much so that whilst I had a whole bunch of Faith/Buffy clips on my computer intended for My Immortal I decided to make this one as well!

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Video Length: 3:43 mins


Tainted Love

A very early one that I had to wait to re-edit once Season 7 Buffy arrived and change a few clips. However it'll need another polish as the original files got corrupted and all I could salvage was a vcd copy to work from- an all new shiny dvd version will be done as soon as I can be bothered to capture all the clips again!

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Video Length: 3:24 mins



Though I'd planned the video out listening to the album version I stumbled upon the acoustic whilst downloading and found it worked a hell of a lot better- especially when just for curiosity's sake I put the finished edit to the album version to see how it looked- the answer was 'not good'.

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Video Length: 3:47 mins


Closest Thing To Crazy

Faith & Wesley. Never saw it til watching Faith in season 4 Angel- my god, how did I never notice?! (must have been distracted by the whole Buffy/Faith thing I guess!)

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Video Length: 4:14 mins


My Immortal

I'm sorry, it just had to be done.

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Video Length: 4:10 mins


Every Time

I’d always been slightly disappointed with the version of ‘Goodbye to You’ that I had done on my own and felt it wasn’t as good in some way as the original I had made with Tom. This is purely down to the fact that I still see the original music vid in my head, so I decided Willow and Tara deserved another video and here it is; the themes are kind of the same for our favourite Wiccas, love and loss.

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Video Length: 3:39 mins



Feel Good Inc

My gods, who knew Amy Acker was so fucking hot! Well I at least didn’t until she played Illyria. And I believe she is the first character in any show to have inspired me to do a simple character vid other than our dear old Janet Fraser’s demise and tribute. I like my girls in blue <g>

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Video Length:3:34 mins


With You

You just can’t beat a music video to showcase a complex relationship, and Illyria and Wesley’s was the best thing about the whole of the last series of angel… well that and the puppets! Also glad I got a pairing dark enough to use some Linkin Park music finally- though an Alias vid was in the works.

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Video Length: 3:17 mins