Battlestar Galactica


It's Been A While

This music video is another of those projects inspired by Masque’s ‘I’m With You’ Xena music video, a kind of readers digest of an episode or a group of episodes to music is how I look at them. So we have a little character arc for Kara and the Adama boys taken from the episodes ‘Act of Contrition’ and ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’.

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Video Length: 4:38 mins


All In All (Mini Series)

I have obviously got my shiny new DVDs and done the remix to this video, but there are still a few clips from this one I really like. There are just some shots of Mary I wished I could get into the re-edited version but they aren’t in context so I’ll keep this original vid around.

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Video Length: 2:58 mins


All In All (Re-Mix)

I am a total Roslin/Adama shipper… they are sooo ‘mom’ and ‘dad’. This music vid was a given purely for the line ‘standing on top of the world tonight’ (which made Masque smile, as we do love a good ‘cheap shot’). The framing for this one is the ‘coup’, from Kobols Last Gleaming through to Home, with a hint of Colonial Day.

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Brothers In Arms

This is a bit of an arty piece (i.e. not all of it comes off as I hoped and it’s a bit long <g>) I originally thought of this song as an obvious West Wing video but I lost heart in it- and just happened to come across it again recently and felt it said a lot about the story arc for the Raptor crash on Kobol. I seem to be into the ‘readers digest’ tm music vids for Battlestar, I guess otherwise there’s just too much good stuff to fit in <g>

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Lets just start with saying the best I can hope for this video is a close second place to Mark Romanek’s actual music video for Johnny’s song- which is quite simply amazing. I decided on the song for a male lead from hearing clips on a TV show about the greatest music videos and it was only when I checked all the lyrics it hit me how bloody obvious it was that this song is Tigh’s and no one else’s. I don’t care how much Saul stuffs up, I’m with Adama- deep down, probably drowning in the liquor to get away from the harpy wife (love Ellen!), there is a good man.

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Video Length: 3:48 mins


Party For Two

My gods this one seems longer than Brothers In Arms! I kid you not; it took almost three weeks to finish and has left me slightly stunned by the fact that the fluff piece is harder for me than my heavy hitters, the ‘make ‘em cry’ music vids. Though I did get hung up for about three days simply on the intro- how sad I was to be so amused with lip-syncing the actors… it actually worked by fluke on the first clip, so I went with it. I completed it all in about 5 minutes but I swear I have never made myself laugh so hard before and I just kept watching it and forgetting to work on the rest!

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A Simple Mistake

This was another quick vid to pass the time and turned out to be one of my top three music videos. I especially proud of the re-edit from my original cut which took out the few cross fades I used, and I stand by it as my response to the hordes of shite music vids that appear on the web and at cons whose makers don't realise it's not about the bag of tricks you bring but the heart and soul you put in it.

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I was supposed to be waiting for the rest of season2 DVDs (with at least nine new vids ready to start on when they get here) and being a good girl and doing some writing but I guess I'm just too far gone! So here is a little arc piece for Sam and Kara, cos I kinda like the boy but I just know he's gonna end up with his heart broke.

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Video Length: 5:56 mins