'Brown Eyes Blue' by Crystal Gayle

Show: Stargate SG1
Character: Dr Janet Fraiser

Video Size: 7.8 MB
Video Length: 2:34 mins

erm okay... brown eyes blue- duh, teryl... first ep... those eyes...’ Which I think more or less sums up this vid. God I love Teryl. Oh and the fact that poor Janet spends all her time mooning over Sam and the Major just hasn’t got a damn clue.


'Champagne High' by Sister Hazel

Show: Stargate SG1 
Character: Dr Daniel Jackson

Video Size: 15.2 MB
Video Length: 4.44 mins

For Ralph (my brother) and Tizzy (my best friend). Tizzy forced me to watch SG1 at Uni and also suggested the song and darling Ralph forced me to think about Danny and Jack before I even liked the damn show. Unsurprisingly I now love SG.


'In The Shadows' by The Rasmus

Show: Stargate SG1
Character: Janet Fraiser and SG1

Video Size: 12.8 MB
Video Length: 4:30 mins